single origin


A ceremonial-grade matcha cultivar
from Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan

Available at 38 Quang An, Hanoi, Vietnam


A great history of Yamatomidori

Yamatomidori is a Japanese tea cultivar that is primarily used for producing sencha and gyokuro teas. It was developed in the 1950s by crossing the Yabukita and the Shizu-Inzatsu cultivars…

Yamatomidori is a Japanese tea cultivar that is primarily used for producing sencha and gyokuro teas. It was developed in the 1950s by crossing the Yabukita and the Shizu-Inzatsu cultivars.

The leaves of Yamatomidori are relatively small, with a dark green color and a slightly curved shape. The tea produced from this cultivar is known for its strong umami flavor, which is a hallmark of high-quality Japanese green teas.

One of the unique characteristics of Yamatomidori is that it has a relatively low level of astringency, which makes it a popular choice for those who prefer a smoother, less bitter tea. Additionally, the cultivar has a high resistance to cold weather, which allows it to thrive in cooler climates and at higher elevations.

In recent years, Yamatomidori has gained popularity among tea producers in Japan due to its excellent taste and versatility. It is also being used to produce matcha, which is a finely ground powder made from green tea leaves and is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine and tea ceremonies. Overall, Yamatomidori is a highly respected tea cultivar that has contributed significantly to the rich and diverse tea culture in Japan.

A single origin cultivar | Yamatomidori
Ceremonial-grade Uji Matcha
Spring harvest | Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan
Freshly stone-milled | Pesticide-free



Green Color / Màu xanh
Light green
Richness / Độ đậm trà
Bitterness / Độ đắng
Astringency / Độ chát


Ceremonial vs Culinary

At Nagocha, we only use “Ceremonial-grade” premium matcha for your cup of matcha to ensure the best quality you experience. We say no to “Culinary-grade” matcha.

Ceremonial-grade Culinary-grade

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How is matcha made?


Matcha Preparation


A Steady Boost

According to many studies, a cup of matcha contains less caffein than a cup of coffee. The natural L-theanine in matcha calms your mind and body while absorbing caffeine which gives you a focused 4-6 hour boost! Matcha provides a steady increase in energy and focus without sudden spikes or crashes like with coffee and energy drinks.

Perhaps you’re still curious about the name “Chakami.” Well, Chakami has been our primary matcha supplier since the very beginning of our store. With the backing of a team of tea experts in the Japanese matcha business, Chakami has provided invaluable support to Nagocha. Chakami matcha products can be found in many of Nagocha’s matcha menus. As an authorized seller of Chakami, we offer a range of their matcha products for purchase. You can visit our store counter for in-store purchases, or simply send us a message on our Facebook and we will arrange nationwide delivery to your doorstep through our reliable delivery service.


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Our Nagocha Matcha Specialty & Tea House is located at  38 Quang An st., Tay Ho dist., Hanoi, Vietnam. 


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